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Posted by D on 3:24 PM

As anybody who watches Workaholics knows, Half-Christmas (HC) is soon upon this. In honor of one of our new favorite shows, we will be adding Half-Christmas to our list of annual celebrations. With a list of holidays that includes New Years and July 4th, Half-Christmas is another example of how we are trailblazers on the annual holiday celebrating circuit.

Tomorrow is the big day, which I guess makes tonight Half-Christmas Eve (I wonder who will be coming down your chimney tonight. HINT: Nobody good. Nice people don’t climb down chimneys.) Our plan for tomorrow is to celebrate HC the way Jews normally celebrate FC (Full-Christmas- that is what Jewish people call it). As a member of the Chosen People,* I am well-versed in the Standard Jewish Christmas Schedule (SJCS), which includes some classics, like Chinese food (nothing else is open) and a trip to the movies, and some customs, like NBA/college football games, cheesy Christmas movies (I usually go with Jingle All The Way), and loneliness.

*For those who don't know, the Jews are the chosen people. It hasn't worked out too well for us. It's about time God chose somebody else.

So tomorrow is the big day! Unfortunately, I am flying out to Chicago tonight to look at apartments (I’m going to school there in the fall). I realize that holiday travel could mean mega-delays at Newark Airport (HC is a family holiday after all), but I need a place to live. Unfortunately, this means I will be missing Half-Christmas. I am very disappointed.

I have long admired Christmas from afar. I’ll be honest: I love Christmas. I love the lights. I love the movies. I love the TV specials. I love the songs. In fact, I wish they played those holiday classics year round. Despite my love for all things Christmas, I have never been able to participate. It just seems like I’m not welcome, like I’m not wanted. It’s like Santa got severely beaten up by Jewish bullies living in the North Pole (kind of like that big Australian kid who was bullied my really small bullies). Well you know what Santa, GET OVER IT!

Ok, I’m sorry Santa. I didn’t mean to yell (I hope this doesn’t hurt my chances of being included this December). I’m just frustrated. Once again, I am left out of Christmas. Yes, I know I have Hanukkah. 8 days of presents is pretty sweet (We have you Christians to thank for that), but it’s not the same. No decorations. No lights. No TV specials (except for Rugrats). All we have is that menorah (nine-branched candelabrum- what the hell is a candelabrum?). Hanukkah is just kind of… boring… meaningless… empty…

Please Santa, come to my house this winter. You know that I can’t leave you bacon, but how about some matzah ball soup? Or some latkes?




I still don't understand how the two of us originally discussed celebrating half Christmas, and neither of us get to participate. I guess we will just have to celebrate the midnight showing of Harry potter. Cause we are the only two who care. Lol.... I'm still bummed though. I wanted to wear my Christmas lights thermal pjs. *sad face* next year dude!

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