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Notes from Colorado: Day Ten

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 2:24 PM
Hello world!

Not much going on here in Colorado, except my mom made me cut and dye my hair. Still getting used to that. I am seriously missing the boys right now. I keep missing out on all the fun *sad face*. Last night I called Char to see what was up, and all the boys were there. Every once and a while, Char would jump into the conversations the boys were having, and I would sit back and listen, pretending I was hanging out at Char's fire pit with them. I'm a little home sick. R and J have returned from Europe, the boys went to a Deep Purple concert, they've been hanging out in a tree house (which I had no idea we had access to a tree house...Char!), and Char bro-iced J (which I cannot believe I missed THAT). Char is like a bro-icing ninja. I still have nightmares about how he iced me! Not really but... I maintain that no one in the group texted me that it happened. I have sixth sense for illegal bro-icing, and it went off when it happened. Remember, A is the only person in the group we are supposed to bro-ice. Char, apparently, is immune to the Commandments of TK's garage... Then again, they weren't in TK's garage... I just assumed those rules applied to everywhere we hang out at.

Clearly, I was wrong because Char posted this on facebook:

Icing to do list: B, check. J, check. C, you're next...

At least C got a fair warning...

I feel like this is going to cause a bro-icing war within the group. I'm just glad that I already had the misfortune of getting iced. Although, I have been gone for a month... I feel like there's a possibility that I will get iced as punishment for my absence and missing Char's birthday. So I would like to say this, in advance, for my defence.

First, I did not choose to go to Colorado. Originally I agreed to only coming out for two weeks. My mother bought me tickets for a month, because she wanted to go to Vegas, and she wants my help with re-tiling my grandmother's house. Yes, I do know how to tile floors... As well as re-roofing a house and various other building/fix up projects. So, although I am going to Vegas for a week, my mother is torturing me by making me go on a 500 calorie diet, hiding all my t-shirts (because she's insistent that I dress and act like a lady), making me do house and yard work, and I'm doing a good deed for my grandmother (who really need the help). Also, I hate Colorado. So isn't that punishment enough?

Second, Char, although I missed your birthday (which you know I wanted to be there more than anything in the world), you missed my birthday too. So... Please don't ice me bro.

Crap... My folks are home from Home Depot... There were other things I wanted to write, but I have to go do manual labor... Super.

Love from,
Somehow during these projects I always end up getting hurt. Like that time I fell off the gazebo. Pray for me.



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