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Things you can't/shouldn't/don't ask your guy friends...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 6:55 PM
Hello world!!!

So today I have been thinking of things to write about for the blog. I considered writing about any adventures we've had recently (but I decided that would take too long), maybe finding some funny videos to share (still considering doing that one), or maybe writing an opinion post (opinions are easy to write about). Then the perfect idea came to me. I was driving over to CVS, and I was thinking about dying my hair, but didn't know what color I wanted to do. I considered asking one of the boys for their opinion, and then I realized that was a pretty stupid thought. They probably would have no idea what to suggest, and either wouldn't care, or would suggest something ridiculous like "purple". That was when an idea was born! What if I wrote about things I can't/shouldn't/don't ask my guy friends? And so, without further ado, here is the list of things I can't/shouldn't/don't ask my guy friends:

1) What color should I dye my hair (it's the question that inspired this blog post, so of course I listed it first).
2) I don't know what to wear tonight, what do you think I should wear?
3) Hey, since you're going to 7-11, would you mind picking me up a box of tampons? (I would never, EVER, ask them this)
4) Hey! I am in desperate need of new clothes. Want to come shopping with me for four hours while I go from store to store, trying on twenty different items from each place, and constantly pester you with questions like: "Would this look good on me", "How do you feel about this color with my skin tone?", or "does this make me look fat?"... (they would probably rather drink bleach).
5) Hey! Do you want to wake up early tomorrow, grab some coffee, and then go get a mani/pedi? (I'll probably offend some people with this statement, but real men don't get mani/pedi's)
6) Do you think she's prettier than me? (girls would automatically say no, and that she looks like a dirty skank. Guys, well... They'll be honest. Girls don't like honesty.)
7) Why doesn't he like me? (well, probably because instead of having fun at a party, you've been holed up in the bathroom with five other girls, and crying like an idiot... Oh wait, I was supposed to write what guys would say... Right, well... They'd be honest with you too.)
8) Can you hold my purse? (this isn't really a "can't ask", but it's a "shouldn't ask". Unless you really, REALLY, need your hands free, and you only make them hold it for under a minute.)
9) Hey! Do you want to go see Breaking Dawn (or any chick flick) with me?! (just because YOU want to see Taylor Lautner's six pack abs, doesn't mean they do)
And finally, number...
10) Do you want kids? (I actually asked the guys for help on this last one. I asked them what is a question they wouldn't want a girl to ask them. This was R's immediate answer.)

Well, readers. There you have it. These are the questions you can't, shouldn't, and/or don't ask your guy friends....

Love from,
This took longer to write than I thought...



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