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5 movies you probably didn't go see

Posted by cmoney on 4:47 PM
Drive – (2011)

This is by far my favorite movie to come out this year. I’ve seen it six times before it has come out on dvd and I can’t wait to get it when it does just so I can watch the extras. Ryan Gossling plays a stunt man who works as a getaway driver on the side. This movie is NOT a blockbuster action movie like it was marketed as, it is a much slower suspenseful movie, but the violent scenes that are in it make it worth the wait. This movie was not only a great story with great acting but is also full of clever foreshadowing, fantastic directing (The color pallets throughout the movie are just one example of this), and an ire yet memorable soundtrack that will get stuck in your in head by the time the movie is over.

tribute to drive from tom haugomat & bruno mangyoku on Vimeo.

Sunshine – (2007)

R is the one who told me to go and watch this movie and thank god he did, aside from the simply beautiful images the music was incredibly good, ire but still somehow uplifting. Sunshine is a sci-fi movie about a team of astronauts, mostly Asian, attempting to unload a weapon of massive proportion into the sun in order to keep it from going out. It reminded a lot of a courage the cowardly dog episode I once saw so I was very excited to see it. This movie, although seems played out, has an incredibly unpredictable story arc that keeps you guessing what is going on or what is going to happen. There are no big name actors in this movie, unless you count a young Chris Evans, but they all do a great job of making you care for the character which makes it harder when they um well you’ll see

Green Street Hooligans (Hooligans) – (2005)

This movie is all about brotherhood, brotherhood and fighting, brotherhood, fighting and football. Now by football I do mean soccer, but because this movie takes place in England and is about the Green Street Elite, a football firm responsible for fighting other teams firms to establish dominance among hardcore fans, I will refer to it as football. Starring Elijah Wood as an unfairly expelled Harvard student; he moves across the pond to merry old England to live with his sister. There he meets his brother in-law’s brother and rededicates his life to the firm. The firm teaches Elijah to trust people, some people, and to never back down when things don’t go his way.

Attack the Block – (2011)

Another movie that takes place in England, Attack is about a gang of kids no more than 15 years old that live in a very ghetto-ish part of the city. After an alien lands on their block they must defend their home by any means necessary. The kids quickly realize they’re in over their heads and go into more of a survival mode than hunting mode. Never before have more badass kids fought aliens like this, not to mention the crazy drug dealer chasing them around.

Young Frankenstein – (1974)

Gene Wilder plays Dr. Franken stein (Frank-en-steen) a professor haunted by the supposed experiments of his famous grandfather of the same name. He learns he inherits his grandfather’s castle and while visiting stumbles onto his reanimation work and with the help from his grandfather’s live-in assistances pick up where the great doctor left off. This black and white movie is filled with great acting by Wilder, Peter Boyle, as well as a cameo by Gene Hackman and jokes that seem corny now but were relatively new back in the 70’s. This is a movie that helped lead the way to other classic “spoof” movies such as Airplane, Space Balls, and Scary Movie. So if you are still not convinced how about seeing Peter Boyle (Frank from Everybody Loves Raymond) as ferocious yet coordinated monster.



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