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The short life & death of Bob the Unicorn...

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Hello world!

So, if you have seen the post below by D (and if you haven't, you should), you'll have seen our present to T. It all started months ago when T was first moving to the Caribbean for med school. He told me then that when he came home, he wanted a piñata. So I told the guys his proposal, and for a few days we talked about what ridiculous things could we put into a piñata. I'm pretty sure things like peanut butter and the fetus of Voldemort from the 7th Harry potter movie were discussed, but eventually we decided upon filling a piñata with red jello. Mainly because we figured it was as close to organs as we were going to get, and he's going to med school. He should be used to squishy red stuff, right?

It was just an idea, of course. We didn't really discuss it again until Thanksgiving, because T would be home soon, and it was a good idea. There was a lot of discussion of how we could put jello into a paper-mâché piñata, but I had already figured out that we could line the inside with parchment paper and Saran wrap. I bought a ridiculous amount of red jello, Tk and C picked out a piñata, and I was assigned the task of making the unicorn piñata they had picked out, jello ready.

Oh, and Tk and I decided to name him Bob the Unicorn.

We had everything planned out, except for when and where. All of our schedules are different, so finding a time and place to do it took some time. Finally, last night, we all joined together to give T his present. I had everything ready, Tk and D helped me fill the piñata... Which took five boxes of red jello to fill... Then we blind-folded T and made him walk through a field, and a lot of trees and bushes, before he could finally enjoy his piñata.

It was a great time.

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