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Things most girls can appreciate...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 2:57 PM
Hello world,

I've become fascinated by Dear blank, please blank for a majority of the day. Mainly this is because, every once and a while, they say things that I feel like every girl will read and say, "Oh yeah... I've been there". Or that every girl will read and laugh... because they know it's true... So I figured I would share a few of these posts here, because, well... Why the hell not? I'm kind of jealous that I didn't come up with some of these *laughs*:

Dear boys,
That moment where we smile a teensy bit less and get just a little bit quieter after you tell us you have a girlfriend? Yeah, that means we like you...
Sincerely, sad single girls.

Dear guy I went out with last night,
So... For our first date we made a fort, watched the first Harry Potter, then played Super Mario Bros?
Sincerely, this could work out...

Dear 72 hour deodorant for men,
Please, don't encourage them. We like men who shower...
Sincerely, women everywhere.

Dear health video,
Girls have a higher risk of getting pregnant than boys?
Sincerely, no kidding.

Dear guys,
Whatever happened to telling a girl she was beautiful instead of hot? Looking into her eyes instead of down her shirt? What happened to courting a girl instead of just dating her? What happened to respecting a girl enough to do all of this?
Sincerely, nostalgic.

Dear teenage girl home alone at night,
There are so many ways that you could be murdered right now...
Sincerely, over-active imagination.

Dear friends mocking me,
I swear he's good looking! Let me just find a better picture!
Sincerely, maybe he's hotter in person

Dear Victoria's Secret,
Thank you for being concerned with my safety.
Sincerely, this amount of bra padding should cushion any fall.

Dear Prince Charming,
I'm sending you a map to my house. I assume you got lost?
Sincerely, trying to be patient.

Dear guys who say condoms are uncomfortable,
So is child birth...
Sincerely, put it on or I put my clothes on.

Dear guy I have had a crush on since 6th grade,
No, you cannot suddenly like me now. It does not work that way.
Sincerely, 145 pounds lighter.

Dear boyfriend,
Now that you work at Subway, you can make ME a sammich.
Sincerely, amused girlfriend.

Dear family who wonders why I take such long showers,
It's a place for me to cry with out being heard. It's a place to daydream without being disturbed. It's a place where I'm not judged. It's a place where I can sing as loud as I want with out being told to be quiet. It's where I contemplate my life. It's where I think about my future. It's where I think about the guy I like... AND THEN I shampoo, condition, wash and shave.
Sincerely, leave me alone.

Dear boys at my school,
Don't be scared of my brains.
Sincerely, nerdy chicks want boyfriends too.

Dear boys,
We eat salads on dates because it's hard to eat anything else without looking like Cookie Monster.
Sincerely, girls.

Dear boys,
When a girl says "I won't tell anyone," it really means, "I won't tell anyone except (insert best friend's name here)."
Sincerely, anonymous.

Dear boy,
When I said "I like your hat," I meant "you're hot."
Sincerely, shy.

Dear boys,
Did you know that the most common way that women kill is by poisoning food?
Sincerely, you still want that sandwich?

Dear mom,
Stop telling me I need to lose weight. I look in the mirror and think that I'm beautiful. Not many teenage girls can say that.
Sincerely, your curvy, confident daughter.

Dear four boys who asked me for my number,
Thanks for waiting until I was right in front of my ex-boyfriend!
Sincerely, happy girl

Dear best friend's new boyfriend,
Just FYI, I keep duct tape, a shovel, rope and gloves in my car, and I watch plenty of NCIS to know how to make it look like an accident.
Sincerely, proceed with caution.

Dear heart,
Just met a boy, prepare for hell
Sincerely, pessimistic

Dear Disney,
Cinderella taught me to have faith. Belle taught me to give another chance. Ariel taught me to fight for what you want. Jasmine taught love means more than where you come from. Aurora taught me to dream. Snow white taught me to make the most of every situation.
Sincerely, you've taught me well.

Dear guy friend that sarcastically asked if I was PMSing,
I swear to God if you ever ask me that again, I will tell you stories that will make you never want to even think about vaginas ever again.
Sincerely, also yes, yes I am.

Dear "nice guys",
I'll stop falling for the jerks if you stop falling for the bimbos.
Sincerely, deal?

Dear boys who think girls are so hard to impress,
Sincerely, problem solved.

Dear guys everywhere,
When we say "I'm cold" you have 2 choices: give us your sweatshirt, or hug us till we're warm.
Sincerely, "Me too" is not an option.

Alright... That's about enough of that...

Love from,
How long have I been copying and pasting this stuff?



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