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B vs C (YouTube style)

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 5:57 PM
Hello world,

Today, C and I found ourselves in a battle of words and YouTube videos. I wanted to share it with you, because I think it's pretty damn funny:

C: So like a semi political Christmas card
B: mocking politics, more like it.
C: If you say so
B: This is what I have to say to you

C: well here's my response miss...

B: Well, I don't wear make-up or perfume... Are you calling me ugly? That's a dangerous road. Are you sure you want to go there? Do you, punk? Do you?!?!?!?!

C: No I don't think your ugly.......

B: So... You're saying I stink?

C: Maybe stink is the wrong word but if you wanna kick ME in the nuts then...

B: Yeah, except that the second Shelly showed up he stopped running his mouth. I think your also forgetting that I have a video that you don't want a certain someone to see. I can get around my promise of not telling that said person the truth about a certain incident, if said person sees the video and figures it out for themselves.
C: Blackmail huh, that's pretty low even for you
B: Well... We can always solve it this way... I'd be Wendy, in case you needed a clarification.


B: watch it! Or I'll sick Snookie on you!

C: Hey atleast I dont have to throw out bloody things that come from a vagina

B: I hope alien's abduct you, give you an anal probe, and that I'm around for when THIS happens.

C: I didnt know you were on the maury show

B: I wasn't, but Cartman was...Alright... I'm done with this. Let's call a truce by riding the world of Justin Beiber... Once and for all.

C: hahaha ok

C: for good measure

B: YES!!!! Oh, and while we are at it...

C: I guess the best way to end all this nonsense is like this

B: No no no. THIS is the best way to end it.

B: Wait... I lied. THIS is the best way to end it. Cartman finally get's what he deserves.

C: Alright you got it good job its over
B: win.

Love from, 
It's all in good fun!



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