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The Scud Saga: Part 4 (as told by D)

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 8:18 PM
Scud Saga Part 4
C reminded me today that I missed a few bits of information that are crucial to the Scud Saga. During our senior year, Scud worked at Six Flags Great Adventure, which is like 25 minutes from our town. Scud took his job very seriously. I think he worked rides, which seems silly to me since I never thought Scud was the most responsible person. I never thought he had that much common sense either. If I were bringing my child to Six Flags, I would think twice (thrice?) about letting my kid on the ride. Scud cared so much about his job that he would cut class every week to go to work. Every Friday after lunch (2 classes followed lunch), Scud would walk to his car and drive away. He missed those 2 classes multiple times a week for the entire year. I believe that the high school had a policy that you could only miss a class 15 times before you failed the class. Scud must have missed classes close to 70 times. Near graduation, the high school told Scud that he could not miss another day or he would not graduate. There were 2 weeks left. He missed every day of school. He graduated anyway. I assume that high school just finally wanted to get rid of him once and for all. Probably a good call.
This is where the stories get really good.
While working at Six Flags, Scud met a nice young lady named Morgan. J and C used to joke that she was black. Scud denied it. I don’t really know the truth. Luckily, the truth doesn’t impact the quality of the story. However, given that I trust J and C more than I do Scud, it’s amusing that Scud was so adamant that she was not black. Anyway, Scud was enamored with this girl. Poor girl. I can’t really express in writing how legendary this girl became to our group. We’d see Scud when he got to lunch and ask him how Morgan was doing. He didn’t like it. Soon he stopped bring her up, until this one time…
When we moved out of the pit into the cafeteria, we were no longer able to harass Scud to the extent that we did before. J had moved to a different lunch, so C, G, and I were left to mess with Scud under the gaze of the entire lunch room. Fortunately, it was louder up there, so we could still have some fun. One day, Scud came to lunch from GYM sweating brown. Scud was not as pale as A (then again who is), so brown streaks down his face caught C’s attention. C asked, “Scud is that rub-on tan?” Scud, “No!” C, “It is rub-on tan!” If C says something loud enough it has to be true (in addition to things that rhyme), so Scud soon admitted it. He claimed to have applied rub on tan before he drove to school in the morning. Somehow nobody noticed the odd color of Scud’s face. I guess the odd shape of Scud’s face clouded the difference in color.
The Scud Finale (nearly the end of my life) will be in Part 5.



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