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The Moped...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 10:31 PM
Hey, TK here with a story that took place on my street involving our friend P's moped just a little before we all graduated high school.  It was a warm Spring day that started off like any other with everyone going to school... well, almost everyone.  We noticed that D was nowhere to be found but word spread quickly at our usual morning gathering point in the library.  According to C and J, D was getting his wisdom teeth taken out and apparently had no means of getting home after.  So C, J, R, T, and myself all skipped out on the last few classes of the day and went on a mission to pick up D.

We went to D's house, D having given us the code, so that we could get his van allowing us to take one car.  With C at the wheel we drove to a nearby dentist and waited for D to be done.  Finally, the door opens and D slowly walks out into the room with a big grin coming across his face as he sees all of us staring back at him.  "You look like you're doing pretty well man," I said to D as he held up a small orange bottle of Vicodin.  "You have no idea," he said though it didn't come out quite that clearly.  We headed back to D's but on the way stopped and got ice cream because when the hell is that ever a bad idea?  Eventually, we got back to D's and picked up our cars, briefly parting ways.

I get home and I'm not home for more than twenty minutes before I get a call from T.  He tells me that he's hanging out with P and that they're on their way over because they have something awesome to show me.  Now when it comes to T, that could mean anything so I was already bracing myself as I stood outside waiting for them to arrive.  Expecting to see a car pull up I instead see P riding up my street on a grey moped with T running alongside of him.  Turns out P had that moped for a while and had recently had it fixed up.  T jumps on his phone and starts calling CD and several other people.  It isn't long before CD, J, R, and D all pull up outside my house laughing hysterically.  Apparently they'd seen this kid riding his bike through my neighborhood and screamed "nice bike, kid!"  At first, P rode around in circles as the rest of us just watched.

Finally, P asked anyone if they'd like to give it a shot.  Jokingly, we all suggested that D try it out.  However, D really wanted to ride the moped and being the responsible friends don't let other friends do stupid things... we let him go for a spin.  D rode off down the street reaching the bottom of the hill.  Expecting him to make a loop and come back up we watched as D made a hard right and disappeared down the next street leaving the rest of us in a somewhat concerned state of silence.  Finally, J turned to me and said "Damn, he's been gone for a while!"  It was around this time when we were joined outside by my neighbor and friend from school KM.  He asked what we were up to and we explained that D had ridden off on P's moped.  Upon hearing D's name KM rushed into his garage and came out with a pair of water guns, the other was claimed by J.  P tried to explain how shooting someone with water guns while they were on a moped WHILE they were blasted on vicodin was probably a bad idea but it was too late.

D appeared at the bottom of the hill, making his way back to the top as J and KM got into position.  He rolls down the street towards the rest of us when he is suddenly hit from both sides by water!  With the excpetion of a slight wobble, D held his balance and rolled safely to a stop.  We laughed as D stepped off the bike wiping water from his face.  "Hey guys, I saw that kid again and told him he had a nice bike," he said trying to fight back the hysterics.  "Well, technically you had a nicer bike this time," I added.  Regardless, we had found something to do as KM went to refill the water guns and the next contestant stepped up.  CD jumped at the opportunity and all of our fears subsided as he got on the bike and rode off down the hill, this time making a left at the end of the street.  Once again we waited and watched as KM blasted T with the water gun.  Suddenly, there was a low hum coming up the street as CD appeared in the distance.

Positions were taken as CD flew past us, avoiding the water gun firing squad, and heading fast towards the end of the street.  Now, I live on a cul-de-sac... a dead end in other words!  "He's coming in too hot," I yelled as we all started sprinting after him from a few houses down.  CD, realizing that he couldn't stop, threw his arms in front of his face as he went tire-first into the curb.  The bike flipped forward and tossed CD into a tangled web of pine trees that lined the end of the street.  We all ran down to the end of the street and started fighting our way through branches eventually locating CD and the moped.  We pulled the moped off of him and dragged him out from the trees.  It was around here that T started getting this worried look on his face.  "Do I smell smoke," he asked?  "It's ok, I have a water gun," said J.  At this point, CD was walking around the cul-de-sac in a daze.  "Those things aren't meant to stop short like that," I said.  "I know that now," he mumbled.  Just making sure man.

Meanwhile, a concerned P looked on at his moped which only a few moments ago looked brand new.  We helped him drag it out of the trees before helping him walk it to his house.  Needless to say, CD felt horrible and wanted to help pay for the damages.  With no real harm done and no one seriously injured, we called it a day and went our sepearte ways once more.



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