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The Scud Saga: Part 2 (As Told By D)

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 2:16 PM
I just watched Duke lose their first game in a long time. It was rough, so I’m going to write the rest of the Scud stories to cheer myself up. Scud has a way of doing that: making you remember that very few things are worth getting upset about (especially sports). Scud never let his “accidents” stop him from making future “accidents.” Some people think not learning from your mistake is a problem. I am usually one of those people. I have a friend at college who has made the same mistakes for 4 years. Each mistake is predictable, so when he ignores my advice I get frustrated. Sometimes really frustrated. On the other hand, I don’t make mistakes anymore. Since I certainly don’t know everything or even most things, my success is really from a lack of taking changes. Scud took chances. Even if they were dumb chances, he still did what he wanted, whether or not people thought he was stupid. I don’t know why Duke losing made me think of this, but apparently Scud is somebody who I should emulate in the future. (A note from B to D, are you sure emulating Scud is the best idea).
And now more stories…

All of the following stories took place senior year of high school. I was (un)fortunate to have lunch with Scud, C, J, and G (B hasn’t named him I assume because we rarely see him.)

In our high school, seniors had the “privilege” of sitting in the pit, a small basement to the main cafeteria. At some point that year, we caused enough trouble to lose that privilege, mostly related to Scud. Wherever Scud walked in the high school, he always wore head phones. Most people assumed he was listening to music. I assumed he was listening to music so people would leave him alone. I was half right. One day Scud took off his headphones and walked up the stairs to buy lunch. Scud would never let us see what he was listening to, so we took the opportunity to take a look at his CD of choice. Scud’s CD of choice was nothing, and by nothing I mean THERE WAS NO CD IN THE CD PLAYER. Scud was walking around the whole day listening to nothing. Although I have no way of knowing whether he ever actually listened to music, I believe that Scud just walked around listening to silence while wearing headphones so that people would leave him alone. See: I was half-right. He received so much crap from people. He just wanted some alone time with himself, his thoughts, and his empty CD player. Now that we knew Scud listened to an empty CD player even 1 time, we were not going to let him off the hook anymore. Another day, while Scud was walking listening to “music,” somebody grabbed his headphones and yanked them off his hand. Fortunately for Scud, the CD player did not fall from his pocked and smash on the floor. Unfortunately for Scud, he must have put on the wrong shorts in the morning since there was no CD player at all. The headphones were connected to nothing. I don’t know if Scud even realized it.

I’m tired. More for another day.



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