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Char's Birthday According to C...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 12:49 PM
(A note from B: When C wrote this, he was.... slightly inebriated. So I had to do some serious editing before I posted it. It was actually pretty entertaining, but if there is bad grammar or misspelled words... I did my best. There was a lot to fix. Plus I added in my own commentary here and there. I couldn't help myself. Enjoy! B)

OK, so after one of my nonsensical jokes left B in pain (by pain he means I ended up getting slammed down on my back on the garage floor), I must now write a post to make amends, so here it is... Char’s birthday.

It was early June when all the festivities started, and by all the festivities I'm including the twin’s birthday as well. The idea that they thought we'd go to their party over Char’s is nothing short of laughable. However, with char being the gracious host he was, he invited the twins and their "friends" over to his house and combined the parties. What was the spawn of this? Only one of the most memorable nights of my life, this is saying a lot considering how drunk I was.

T, J, and I all arrived together in our slightly late fashion (I think J would take offense to this. He is always on time. C is the one who’s always late). First thing T says as we walk in is "that one", pointing to one of the twin’s sexy Asian friends and took off. J and I, on the other hand, spent the first ten minutes marveling at Char’s recently refurbished backyard. Which included a fire pit, bar, grill, basketball court, and a fucking living room. We proceeded to grab a beer and meet some of the guests we didn’t know. First one up, Chad Pennington. No not THE Chad Pennington, but sharing his name definitely gave him props, being the die hard Jet fan I am. However, he lost those props in the next sentence when he told us he was the oldest person there by 4 years (Note: Chad Pennington was 23. I’m just saying!). J and I walked away and never said another word to him.
We went over to the basketball court when a couple of the twin’s friends challenged us to a game. Normally when I'm that drunk I won't play sports, but enough trash talking will get me to do anything. How'd it go you ask? J and I FUCKING WHOOPED EM! It was nothing short of an absolute slaughter.

After our victory we decided to grab another beer and mingle a little more. We found T who was working on his prediction, and well I might add, when we saw Char for the first time that night. Without even saying, “Hi”, he proclaimed "This is how we do it at holy cross!". He then grabbed the girl by the hip, dipped her, and proceeded to make out with her for a good 10 seconds, then picked her up and walked away. T, being the good sport that he was, calmed her down and continued on with his plan.
Soon after Char’s quick make out session ,TK showed up and we regaled to him the stories of the night. Unfortunately he forgot his "cigarettes" and had to race home to grab them. While TK was gone, one of the twin’s drunken friends began making advances towards me. And by advances, I mean burying her head in my crotch. I asked J if he'd take a drunken bullet for me, and luckily enough he was all about it. With the night finally climaxing, we decided it would be a great idea to light some fireworks. Now I don't know who brought the fireworks, or who lit them, but who ever it was completely shit the bed. A single firework shot out and hit one of guests square in the ass. J and I laughed uncontrollably until someone screamed hit the deck. Immediately I dropped to the ground and witnessed about 50 streams of fire fly through the air all around me. It was utter insanity for 5 minutes as I watched drunken teenagers diving behind walls and chairs avoiding mid air explosions left and right. Luckily, I was safely covered so I enjoyed the debacle. By the works of some alcoholic god no one was hit (excluding the first guest).
Almost immediately after the fireworks incident, TK returned with his "cigarettes". We told him what had happened and he took out his pack and calmed us all down. So we spent the rest of the night jumping into random peoples pictures and celebrating with Char.
Around two o'clock the party started to calm down. We all sat around the fire pit bringing up stories from college, smoking “cigarettes”, and trying to sober up. Then as I got up to leave, I stepped over J and the girl, hi-fived TK, and T came out looking for a condom. When he realized no one cared to help him with his problem, he continued to do his soon to be ex-girlfriend on Char’s leather couch.
Moral of the story: don't sit on char’s couch, and when T says he's going to do something he will, which scares me more than you can possibly comprehend.........



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