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Welcome to the life and chronicles of My Jersey Boys and me, B (the only girl who hangs out with them). Our original mission was to prove that not all of Jersey is obsessed with GTL. Now it's kind of become the place where we share our random thoughts, ridiculous stories, regular quote updates, and maybe a picture or video here and there. There's always something going on...

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Quotes and Notes...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 11:32 PM
So before I started the myjerseyboys twitter, I started writing down the boys quotes in my notebook app on my iPhone. The only problem with that is sometimes the quotes are too long for twitter. Then there are the times I can't function, so I just write abbreviations in hopes that I can remember them later... The only problem is that I usually can't.

Well, here they are... The quotes and abbreviations for your enjoyment and confusion...

T: Kill exes and removes ovaries

TK: I hope Best Buy has Motorhead tomorrow. B: What will you do if the don't? TK: I just might have to burn the place down. B: Cause that's a logical response.

TK: J and I both agreed that that's when we got the lump in our throats, and it slowly went back down. It will prolly manifest into a tumor someday. B: All because you wouldn't cry during Toy Story 3

J and C: Darth Vader cocaine addiction.

B: Dude drove past two cops, almost took a bat out with my car, and thought a tree next to a sign was a monster. Every single on of these things was a reminder that I should not be driving.

TK: I want a deer to come running up. That would be awesome, just jump out and chase it... Man, it's a good thing I didn't drive.... Later.... B: Well there's your deer, and they are fighting so that's a double win.

R and J: Periwinkle and elf's

T and B: knifes and cigarettes

DM to A: is your name B

D: This is meticulous, B. C: This is a sickness. D: You have to stop and write down everything we say? This is great for us, sucks for you.

T turns us into Captain America or Frankenstein.

B: Mine is the pack with a lucky in it. C: I don't call it a lucky? B: What do you call it? C: An after sex cigarette. B: Well that doesn't happen for me too often... Sooo... It's a lucky.

B: I need to make more female friends. Cause otherwise when I get older I'm not going to have any potential bridesmaids. TK: You can ask T. He'd dress up like a girl for free drinks.

TK smoking room with lava lamps, Christmas lights, Nintendo 64, and Sega Genesis.

B: You guys have to come see me on Black Friday. If you don't come, you better have a shit ton of alcohol, and figure out a designated driver for me. Cause I'm gonna get shitfaced.

J: I learned "Party in the USA" on guitar. Now it's time to learn the lyrics and make it metal. B: Wait... Like Miley Cyrus "Party in the USA" J: Yes. I heard it on the radio. The opening guitar is so catchy... I kind of hate myself now.

B: Bond is a whore. He's already been with 3 different girls. TK: Yeah and we haven't even seen Denise Richards yet. B: How does he not have an STD? Bond has AIDS. That's how he dies.

J: My old roommate was convinced that I looked like Aladdin. B: Oh my god! You totally do! You know what would be really funny? Have you C dress like the genie! J: And have R be Abu! B: Make him wear a leash! Gotta make sure he doesn't run away. C: I would be down for that. TK could be the carpet. Who would be Jafar? J: T, and CS could be the king. With his beard?

J: A Star Wars slot! That's how they get you. B: Dude, you just won on that other slot machine. Are you sure you want to test your luck? J: I'm okay with losing five dollars... (Few minutes later) Holy shit! I just won! Give it here C3po, you bitch! B: You have got to be kidding me...

B: The hookah bars in Denver play club music. J: You're trying to smoke. That's way too intense. B: Yeah, then there are girls dancing on tables and shit. J: That sounds like a Chinese opium room.

Group discussion: In our future house were are going to have a deck and a safety net underneath it. So we can throw douche bags off the balcony. Also... We want two chandeliers and a fountain. Because that's how you know that you made it.

C: Right. I'm an idiot. B: Awesome, I finally have you saying that in writing. C: I'm just an idiot who is always right. B: You just had to ruin it. C: I just had to make things right.

B: I can always tell when it's gonna rain. My hair always puffs up and gets frizzy. I'll be like, "Why's my hair so angry!" Then two minutes later someone comes by and says, "It's raining!"

TK: So there's this guy named Mr. Rogers, and apparently he charged this car like night of the living dead shit. B: Wait... Mr. Rogers is dead... So he was a Zombie Mr. Rogers. That makes sense that he was running like that.

J: Secret societies

TK: Riding a gorilla sleigh

B: We should start a petition. TK: Yeah! I would love to start a petition to get a soundtrack and have everyone talk about how awesome the music in Machete is.

B: Ewoks as guard dogs.

A: So when I was on my cruise, I was bored so I watched a movie... I watched Twilight.... And let me tell you, Edward is a freakin douche bag. And Jacob? He's just creepy. A really creepy 16 year old.... Wait... B, aren't you wearing the same bracelet as Bella? B: What?... NO! This is just weird.

TK: Oh man, you're rocking the Bella look? B: Apparently. When I went down to Smithville for Halloween, to hang out with my family, one of my sister's friends asked me if I was dressed up as Bella... I didn't dress up.

(While at a restaurant) T: Hey, it's his birthday! Waitress: Oh really?! Well, Happy Birthday! I;ll go get everyone to come sing to you! D: It's not my birthday! Really! Waitress: Ha! Sure it's not. D: No really, my birthday is in March! Waitress: Well, Merry Christmas then! B: *whispers* He's Jewish. Waitress: Well Merry Christmas anyways! J: Why does she keep saying Merry Christmas? (End of the story: She brought D a piece of cake that he didn't ask for, and charged him for it. B on the other had, ordered pie and didn't get charged for it. B offered to trade bills with D, which they did.)

T: I've done many things in the name of science. I once killed a bag of kittens so we could study them. B: OH MY GOD! How could you kill a bag of kittens?! T: I drowned them. B: T!!!! T: What? I couldn't poison them! That would defeat the purpose. B: *looks around the car* I can't tell if he's kidding or not.

T: Get out of here Mario with your apples! J: That's a fireball. T: How can that be a fireball? It looks like an apple!... J: Ah! Just get out of here! I want to throw apples!

A: Do you want to play Supersmash? B: Nah, I'd last five seconds... I used to last longer cause I would run away, but then somebody *A exaggeratedly points at J* decided that that wasn't happening anymore.

B: Yes! I'm in second. J: You still lost. B: Yes, but I'm still in second. J: No. You lost. B: Well, at least I didn't get 4th, that's an epic fail! A: Thanks a lot B.

J: Jinx. C: Damn it. J: You can't talk. B: Until you buy him a coke. C: *gestures to the deck and lack of soda machines... Points to Guinness* B: Nope, has to be a coke. J: Man I can't even remember how to undo a jinx. C: *holds up three fingers* J: Three things? C: *Points to himself* J: I have to say your name? Three times in a row? C: *nods* J: I don't think I can do that. It sounds too much like scolding.

B: Why does your Dad hate me? I didn't force you to help me move?! C: I donno! I thought he was over it. B: Man I'm just gonna fucking jet outta here. Your Dad will be like, what the hell was that blur? It looked like brown bushy hair? Man, I think we have ghosts.

B: There's a lady with my car and a dream catcher! That's not ok! C: Why? B: Cause I can be the only one with my car and a dream catcher! That's it!... We have to go back and kill her! C: Okay, after the Frisbee game. It's the last one of the year. B: Ugh, fine.

C: You like Cherry Garcia? You know who is the only other person I know who likes that? My dad. B: Win! He can't hate a person who loves Cherry Garcia!

J: What are you doing back there?! B: I dropped my keys! J: Why? B: Because I'm a girl. J: So what? B: Well they hurt, and they poke you. J: Why do they poke you? B: I donno, they just do. J: Why? B: Damn it, J! Don't ask me why again! ... J:... Why?

B: So I went on The Dark Knight: The Ride, and it sucked. It was another Skull Mountain all over again. The only good part was the movie at the beginning with Harvey Dent. TK: Was it Two-face? Or Harvey Dent. B: Harvey Dent, then the news feed was interrupted by the Joker. J: The Heath Ledger Joker? B: Well, it's his voice but you don't see him. He draws a smiley face on the screen. J: So the joker is coming for you and you have to escape by roller coaster? B: Well, it was supposed to be a subway, but- J: Quick the Joker is coming! The only way to escape is by roller coaster! It's the fastest way!

B: A, I need to talk to you about something serious. A: Okay.... What's up? B: There are munchkins under my bed, and they're really angry at the evil monkey in my closet, because he's making too much noise cause he's angry at the pink hippo for being a bitch to my friend, who's being a bitch for not letting me do anything fun. A: Are you on something?! B: Yeah, I had to go to the ER, they put me on some shit. Don't worry about that! Worry about the angry munchkins under my bed!

Alright.... That is all for now. My iPhone is already happier that it doesn't have so much shit on it.



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