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The Kroller Chronicles: Part IV (According to D)

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 11:04 PM
Kroller Chronicles Part IV: Kroller OD’s on Mayo Part II

Everything I have written so far about Kroller has been based on firsthand information. I was directly involved with or close to all the events, so I can vouch for their authenticity. However, the final and worst detail of the story was relayed to us by a 3rd party. I am not going to name the person (or even refer to the pseudonym I’ve given him), but I will say that the source was formerly betrayed by Kroller (although I would have kept my mouth shut, I don’t fully blame him for blabbing). Regardless, I did not want to write this story (out of the anguish it causes me), but B demanded* that I push through.

*Demanded = Reminded me that this was the funniest part of the story.

I don’t really know when this happened, only that it must have occurred near the end of high school (chronologically it comes after the concert fiascos). According to the source, Kroller would examine Mayo’s garbage to see when the best time was to ask her out again. If that wasn’t clear or sketchy enough, Kroller was checking her period cycles so that he could time his overtures appropriately. I don’t know how Kroller attempted his search (the details are pretty hazy- if B or anybody else remembers, please help me here), but I imagine it was dirty… and pathetic.

Kroller is an infamous figure in our group. Although we used to be friends with him, none of us contact him anymore. I feel bad for Kroller sometimes. He did some stupid things, and has been humiliated appropriately. In high school, he was a hardcore Democrat, openly renouncing President Bush. Since we’ve gone off to college, he has become a fervent conservative.Although this transition is not enough to justify criticizing Kroller, it is simply an example of his behavior (perhaps it’s just that we don’t talk about politics). On the other hand, he has earned a lot of our animosity. I used to work closely with him on our show, but he did enough to burn bridges with all of us. 

Sorry Kroller.




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