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The Blackout...

Posted by StuckintheSeventies423 on 12:34 PM

Alright! This is TK for a change and today I make my blogger debut with...

The Blackout...

Before getting started, I want to point out that this story has nothing to do with getting wasted. This is about an electrical blackout that happened a few months back and ended with one of the most surprising discoveries of my life. That in itself is a statement because not much really surprises me anymore but I guess that’s what happens when you come to expect the worst at all times. Although, there's really nothing all that bad about what I would eventually discover... I'm not going to tell you now... read on!

I was home for the night, bored as hell, watching something on TV that’s not even worth mentioning when suddenly the house went completely dark. I muttered my usual line of obscenities whenever this happens and grabbed my cell phone, using it as flashlight as I tried not to trip and kill myself on the cat while my dad searched the house for flashlights and candles. I looked out the front window, noticing that the power had gone out in what seemed like my entire neighborhood. I checked the back windows next and saw that I was wrong because everyone that lives behind me still had power, lucky bastards!

Usually these kinds of things only last for a minute or two before the power comes back on but that didn’t happen this time. For nearly two hours I sat with my guitar in my lap as a candle flickered across from me. By the time the first hour was up I began to think that something had gone seriously wrong like the zombie apocalypse had started or Cthulhu had risen once again. Again, thinking of the worst possible shit so no one else has to. Believe me, Godzilla won’t even fuck with Cthulhu! Hardcore digression! It was during this time that my mom came home from work and my parents disappeared upstairs for a long time as they usually do. Thinking nothing of it, I continued to play guitar by candlelight.

Eventually, they returned and here’s how you know when you’re really REALLY bored. When you actually decide to go have a chat with your parents for absolutely no reason! We talked about nothing but that didn’t bother anyone because what the hell else were we going to do? It's like living in a cave! All of a sudden, the three of us hear the sound of running water coming from upstairs. I turned to my dad and said, “Sounds like it’s coming from one of the upstairs bathrooms.” My dad, however, seemed more confused than he normally does as he stared at the ceiling above. “Hang on, it’s coming from one of the bathrooms,” he exclaimed as I was already making my way up the stairs. I know, didn’t I say that? He noticed where I was going and quickly started to follow me up the steps, kinda like he was chasing me or something.

I make it to the top and notice right off the bat that the sound isn’t coming from my bathroom. “It’s coming from your bathroom,” I said to my dad as I walked down the hall towards their room with a flashlight guiding my way. Again, my dad tried to intercept me but his attempt was foiled as I quickly rounded the corner into their bedroom. What the hell was he so nervous about? I made my way through their bedroom, still ahead of my dad, as I reached the bathroom door which was closed. “Wait,” my dad said with desperation as I reached out and gently pushed the door open only to be greeted by a wall of smoke and an all too familiar smell!

The flashlight beam cut through the cloud of smoke as I walked into the bathroom, the smell was undeniable! Definitely not tobacco or cigarette smoke but a certain green gift from the gods! Holy crap, my parents still smoke pot! Caught completely off guard by this unexpected discovery I found it hard to say anything at all as my dad walked into the bathroom. I looked up and noticed that their shower head was dripping with water, the sound which had aroused our suspicions in the first place. Maybe it was some kind of sign? I looked back and forth at my dad and the shower head before saying, “It’s the shower head,” as I did a quick 180 and got the hell out of there. All contact was avoided for the rest of the night until the power finally came back on.

No mention of that night was made until a few days later. I was eating dinner with my parents when the silence at the table became less than comfortable. A smirk came across my face as I laid my fork down and looked up at the both of them. “Remember the other night when the power went out? Well, I think a fuse might have been blown because I thought I smelled smoke upstairs,” I said as I eagerly awaited their response. It was better than I could’ve imagined! They looked up at each other from across the table and a long pause ensued. Needless to say, the subject was quickly changed! I had taken the uncomfortable silence and made it even more uncomfortable! My work here is done!

That was fun... time for a milkshake!



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