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The Hole in the Wall

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 1:29 PM
C: B, your dad scared the shit out of us at afterprom! Right J? Remember Wildwood? J: Yeah man, he was driving us around in circles in the woods. We thought he was going to kill us. Who would have thought we'd put a hole in the wall, and he would offer to buy us ice cream after.

Flash back to three years ago.

It was senior year of high school, and we had our prom weekend ahead of us. After attending the dance the night before, all of us piled into cars and made our way to my Dad's house in Smithville, New Jersey. Not too far from Wildwood. We spent the day at the beach, and when we got back to my Dad's house, the girls all took turns taking showers. Meanwhile the boys followed my Dad to my Great Grandmother's house, which was five minutes away, so that they would be able to take showers as quickly as possible. At the time, I had considered going with the boys to make sure my Dad was nice, but it didn't seem like that was the most appropriate of ideas. My Dad can be a bit intimidating though. I mean, any man who's six foot seven can pretty much lay on the intimidation without even trying. Maybe I should have gone with them....As it turned out, not only had my Dad joked that he was doing mandatory bag checks, but he drove the guys around in the back woods of Pomona for thirty minutes before finally taking the boys to my Great Grandmothers house. I would like to remind you at this time, her house was five minutes away. The house had been empty because my Great Grandmother had passed away, and we were trying to rent the house out. So my Dad left the boys at the house alone, and personally I think that he should be held partially responsible for the days events. There's only one shower in the house, and all the guys were worried about how long TK and T were going to take in the shower, because they both have long hair. TK took a three minute shower, no problem. T on the other hand, spent a good twenty minutes washing his hair. Leaving J, the last person to take a shower, whining outside the bathroom door begging him to hurry up. It was at this time, that J was jokingly banging his head against the wall. That is, until his head went through it. All the boys were freaking out about how they were going to tell my Dad, who had returned and was currently giving D directions on how to get back to the house. According to the boys, J squared his shoulders and marched right out to my Dad and told him they accidentally put a hole in the wall. Apparently my Dad stopped giving D directions, listened to J, then turned back to D and continued telling him how to get back. A few minutes later an ice cream truck came by, and he offered to buy the boys ice cream.

As far as I can tell, it was a weird series of events. I asked my Dad about it recently, and he denied trying to scare the boys... although he did have an evil grin while he was saying it.



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