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The Hole in the Wall: Part two

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 1:45 PM

The infamous hole in the wall. I forgot that DM had taken a picture of it, and a very long conversation was held online because of it. It's actually pretty funny, so I'm adding it on here. In these posts there are a few people who haven't been mentioned before, or have only been mentioned once. "E" is CD's girlfriend. "SG" is one of the girls we know. And "P" is our friend who has been on a mission the past two years. The girls sometimes refer to him as baywatch. You would have to go to the beach with him to understand.)

B: All i can say is...YOU SUCK!!! *glares*
J: Oops?
B: *laughs* Oops? *shakes head and rolls eyes* Boys...
DM: good thing all the other stuff we broke wasn't as noticeable!
J: Yeah
DM: and as long as no one finds out, we're in the clear!!
B: HORRIBLE!!! YOU ARE HORRIBLE!!! So what really happened? Did J trip? Or was he really banging his head up against the wall?
T: haha and let's not forget the fan cough P cough P
E: so THIS is the infamous hole. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU BOYS :D!!
B: Proud? J shoved his head through my wall! And you are PROUD?!?!? And what the hell do you mean about the fan?! P!!!
DM: haha, and you havent seen what happened to the other rooms lol

B: Oh dear god...
J: At least we were able to make it so that nobody could see the attic ever again
B: ...I hope you know, the ghost of my great-grand father is going to haunt you! Haunt you all!!!

SG: thats a tiny hole i was thinkin it'd be the size of J's head lol
B: TINY!!! SG hun, that is not tiny.

(Upon reviewing: This is kind of funny. We can all laugh about this now. Well, except my Gma. She's still bitter... Man I was high strung in high school. xoxo B)



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