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February: The Worst Sports Month of the Year

Posted by D on 5:33 PM
One thing most sports fans can agree on is that February is the worst month on the sports calendar. Although I'm still reveling in the Super Bowl Championship of my beloved New York Giants, I realize that most football fans began the offseason a month ago. The beginning of the year is like a sports hangover.

You wake up and its January. You've been drunk on football for 4 months. Maybe your team made a run in the playoffs, and you've were out late partying. Maybe your team missed the playoffs, and you just stayed at home, drinking away your sorrows. Regardless, you woke up in overtime, still feeling the effects of that last beer several hours ago. The NFL playoffs begin, so you're feeling pretty good. You know you're gonna pay for your binging later when the season ends, but you know you've got time for now. When the NFC and AFC Championship games approach, you know the clock is winding down to zero. Even though you're about to have your head in the toilet of the NBA/NHL regular season, you've got 2 meaningful weeks of football left (the Pro Bowl is not one of them). The Superbowl was last Sunday. Football's over.... I feel like shit.

That is February. February is shit. Football is over. Even though its only once a week, its really 2 days a week, and by 2 days a week I mean 7 days a week. Football's only around for 5 months so you go all in for an intense winter of [insert favorite team] football. So when the season's over, everything just feels shitty. You're sick: the NBA regular season is nearly meaningless. The NHL regular season is just as meaningless (even though I'm a big Rangers fan- they are dominating). The next exciting thing to happen in sports is March Madness, but that's not for another 6 weeks. You know this shittiness is going to last at least until then, but really you know you're not going to feel better until Opening Day.

Note: If you don't like baseball, this is your alternate ending: You know this shittiness is going to last at least until then, but really you know you're not going to feel better until football starts again in September.




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