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Eli Manning WILL Be a Hall of Famer

Posted by D on 12:20 AM
The Giants won the Super Bowl, and I am surprisingly calm about it. More importantly, Eli Manning is one step closer to one day making the Hall of Fame. This was the big step he needed, and now 4-5 more years of good production (with maybe another SB?) will almost certainly get him into the fall. Who would have thought Eli Manning would become the best QB in NY history and a future Hall of Famer? Insane.

This championship has a strange feel to it. At no point during the regular season did I think this team had a reasonable chance to win the Super Bowl. I was embarrassed at how poorly this team played on defense. After the 2nd loss to the Redskins in week 15, I was ready for the season to end. However, going into the playoffs, I was reasonably confident that the Giants could beat the Falcons. I thought there was a chance they could beat the Packers. I thought they really could beat the 49ers and the Patriots. To go from absolute embarrassment to confidence in such a short period is strange. Last time around (2007-08), I was sure the Giants would lose to every team they played: Cowboys, Packers, and Patriots (can't remember off the top of my head who they beat in the first round). This time I was reasonably confident in every game, and a few weeks ago I was thinking about the draft. Such a strange season.

This team really needs help on the offensive line and good health for next season. I'm looking forward to it (and baseball).




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