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The Mono Curse

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 4:19 PM
Hello world...

Back in high school, my best friend Kelsey and I were terrified of catching mono. We refused to share drinks, lip glosses, or anything that touched our lips with anyone. We were militant about this. If anyone would make the mistake of drinking out of our soda, or borrow our Chapstick, we'd either throw them away, or let the person keep it. Most people thought we were completely crazy, but we knew that once you've had mono, it never leaves your system. Plus, you end up missing at least a month of school because of it. 

In the middle of senior year, I moved to Holmdel, and the first friend I made was with a girl who was just returning to school after she had been infected with... Of course... Mono. I jokingly called her Mono baby, but then discovered that many of my new friends had had mono recently. 

Great, I just started a new school, and everyone is contaminated with the one illness I'm positively terrified of getting. 

Somehow, I managed to avoid getting contaminated with the mono curse. I do believe most of my jersey boys managed to avoid getting sick as well.

Until now... 

Just when I thought I had nothing to fear... That my days of possibly getting contaminated with the mono curse were far behind me.... J sends me a text.

He doesn't have strep throat, as we originally thought... He has mono.

Fuck my life. 

Love from,
I'm definitely contaminated now...



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