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Dating Rules...

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 12:42 PM in , ,
Hello world!

I have a new favorite web series called "Dating Rules From My Future Self" with Shiri Appleby. The whole premise of the show is that Lucy, Shiri Appleby, gets advice from her future self via text, and tries to change her future. Which, according to her future self, is pretty bleak. It must not be that bad though, because she creates an app ten years in the future that allows her to contact her past self, and give her some advice. I wish that app was real, because I'd love to give my past self some advice. Or get advice from my future self. Whatever.

Anyways, they have a facebook page, and they post some great advice pictures that are usually pretty funny. So I figured I would post them here, and share the first episode, because I think it's pretty funny. Although, I doubt any of the guys would have any interest in it what-so-ever. Some of you girls who read this will probably enjoy it.

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