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The Kroller Chronicles: Part 2 (according to D)

Posted by The one and only "B"... on 9:13 PM
Freshmen year of high school we were all pretty good friends. We hung out before school, during class, and after school. Although we had fun times in class, it’s what we created during class that caused a long sequence of events. We called it BP (The acronym BP stands for something). BP was a television show produced in our high school’s TV studio that we worked on for 3 years.  Over the life the show, the crew included me, J, C, and G (some people lasted longer than others). We lost touch with pretty much everybody else.  Certain people on the cast had a falling out with certain people on the crew.  Here is a rundown of the positions of the cast/crew on BP:

Producer/Host: Kroller
Director: D
Technical Director: J
Analyst 1: Munchie
Analyst 2: Jesus
Character Generator: C/G
News Update: G/Mayo
Audio Technician: Balls
Camera 1/Floor Supervisor : KJ
Camera 2: Does not matter
Camera 3: Yeah (aka Scud)
Tape Deck: Raw
Randomly on the Executive Council: Kloss

The show was boring: flat out boring. I never watched it. J never watched it. Neither did C or G, or anybody else. We would regularly talk about how dumb it was and how frustrating it was to deal with some times. Although we did not think very highly of the show, it did win a couple of awards. The awards are currently hanging in my basement. I think I still have those awards on my resume. Unfortunately, the attention given to winning awards caused some tension on the show. As the years went by, the seriousness of the show increased and caused severe splintering. For example, Kroller developed an executive council for BP, as well as a constitution. He posted both of these on the show’s website.

My junior year I brought my friend Raw onto the show. He was given the relatively simple task of starting and stopping the tape/disc that recorded the show. One particularly frustrating show, I walked out onto the set and told everybody how mundane and monotonous the show sounded. A small argument ensued, but the show continued and likely was a little livelier than before I left the control room. The next day, we were hanging out before school talking about how boring the show was the day before. I was doing most of the talking. Since I directed the show, if I thought the show sucked, it probably did. So I stated it. And Raw confirmed it. All he did was confirm it. Unfortunately, Balls was nearby and reported what heard to Kroller and Munchie. Kroller and Munchie had developed a man-crush and brought Balls along for the ride. When Kroller heard that freshman Raw was criticizing his show, he flipped out and tried to fire him. Unfortunately for him, he needed near unanimous approval from the executive council. Fortunately for Raw, I was on the council and refused to fire him. I brought Raw on the show, and I was not going to allow Kroller to throw him out. I was supported by pretty much everyone else, other than Munchie and Balls (and maybe Jesus).Kloss, who had no role on the show other than being on the executive council (he was fired by Kroller a year before), started telling everybody how Kroller was being a dick. It was funny. Kroller was really pissed at what Kloss was saying. He did not think it was funny.                                                                                                                                                

The situation got pretty heated. It’s amazing how much drama a dumb TV can have. It became very passive aggressive. Kroller tried to convince Scud, but Scud was easily swayed back to our side (being me, J, and G). Finally, I got a phone call from Kroller one day after school. Kroller said that he would agree to keep Raw on the show if I agreed to fire Kloss from his executive council position. Knowing that Kloss did not care at all about the position, I drove to Kroller’s house where he had a pre-made contract ready. Not wanting to be alone, he had Munchie at his side. We signed the agreement, and he POSTED IT ONLINE.

Here’s the funny part: The contract said, “Kloss has engaged in terrorist activities….”

Senior year, when we were all applying to college, Kloss’s mom googled his name on the internet and found that signed agreement. She notified the school, and everybody who signed the agreement was called in to the office. In the end, Kroller was the only person to be followed up with. He was nearly suspended.




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